Chapter Profile - How to Add a Member to Your Chapter or Chorus(es)

The BHS Member Center has the functionality that a Chapter President, Secretary or Treasurer can now add a member directly to their chapter or chorus(es) after they are approved for membership.

New or Existing Members (who are Society subscription holders only, are members of Frank Thorne chapter, or are interested in Dual Membership with your chapter) can be added electronically. The new member will be invited to complete their membership application online, including payment. This is is not a replacement for our paper application, but an easier way to add members to your chapter.

If a member is interested in transferring chapter membership, a paper application is still necessary. 

Anyone also named as a “Chapter Membership Development” role in the Member Center can also access this functionality. This is perfect for your Membership VP to be able to add members to your chapter.

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  1. Login to the BHS Member Center by visiting  
  2. Utilizing your Username and Password will activate your permissions as a Chapter leader. If you are not listed in the Member Center as one the roles above, you will not be able to add a member to your chapter. 
    1. After logging in, Click Chapters on the left-hand side.
    2. Then, click Add A Member to My Chapter/Chorus.

    Here is an EXAMPLE of what you should see:  

  3. To add a New Member of the Barbershop Harmony Society to your chapter/chorus (an individual who has never been a member and does not have an account with us), select the New option under "1. Are you adding a new or existing member to your chapter/chorus?" 

  4. To add an  Existing member of the Barbershop Harmony Society to your chapter/chorus (an individual who is either currently subscribed as a Society Member but is interested in joining your chapter/chorus, is a Frank Thorne chapter member OR is interested in Dual Membership with your chapter. IMPORTANT NOTE: Members cannot transfer their membership from another chapter through this option), select the Existing option under "1. Are you adding a new or existing member to your chapter?" 

  5. After selecting New or Existing, you'll need to choose the chapter/chorus in which you are adding the member to. NOTE: The chapters/choruses that will display are the chapters in which you are listed as a Chapter President, Secretary or Treasurer, and are authorized to add members to. 
    NOTE: If adding to both a chapter AND chorus, choosing the chorus on Question 2 will automatically select the parent chapter as well.

  6. Now, enter the information about the member. 
    a. If you are adding a New member, you will need the following information: 

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address (Important Note: All accounts and Memberships in the BHS Member Center are connected by Email Address. If you try and add a member who has the same email address, it will automatically re-direct you to add an existing member instead of a new member) 
  • Birthday

b. If you are adding an Existing member, you can search for them by their email address, username, or member number. 

7.Based on the information provided for either the New or Existing Member, you will then need to select the type of Membership Classification and Subscription they should be added under. The system will only display the options in which the member is eligible for. (i.e. if a member birthday entered in the system designates they are under 25 years old, the Youth options will appear). 

8. After selecting the subscription information, press Submit. 

9. After submission, you will receive confirmation that the member has been saved and added to your chapter. 

10.  The new or existing member will receive an email to the email address provided, inviting them to Finish their Application. New or Existing Members will not officially appear on the chapter/chorus roster until payment has been received for their membership subscription. 

11. To finish a membership application, new members will need to enter profile information and designate a password. Also, new members will be asked to complete their account set-up by providing a method of payment (credit card). 

12. Existing members will need to activate their membership with your chapter. This includes ensuring their contact information is up to date, as well as completing payment.

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