How to Update Your Compliance Filings

All BHS Chartered Chapters, Districts, and Subsidiary organizations are required to maintain certain filings with the federal, state or province that they operate in. This not only includes maintaining the filings with those entities but also reporting that the filings are complete with the Barbershop Harmony Society. 

Compliance Filings

All chartered chapters must report to the Barbershop Harmony Society the following items of compliance through the BHS Member Center: 

  • IRS 990 or CRA Filings: Chapter secretaries should work with their chapter treasurer to ensure that the most up-to-date IRS (U.S. Chapters) or CRA (Canadian) filings are included and uploaded to their chapter profile in the Member Center. For Canadian chapters, if your local province does not require that you file a CRA filing, chapter secretaries or treasurers should upload a note to their chapter profile in the Member Center stating as such. 
  • Financial Reviews: The Society requires that all chapters conduct an annual ‘Financial Review’. A financial review is not an audit. A Financial Review shares similar, but reduced goals of an audit, and is not conducted with the same level of investigation or analysis as an audit. More information including required forms and the “Chapter & District Financial Reviews: A User’s Guide” a guide on how to complete a financial review, can be found on the Society online Document Center. Chapter secretaries should work with their chapter treasurer to ensure that the most up-to-date financial review filings are included and uploaded to their chapter profile in the Member Center.
  • State or Province Incorporation Filings: Chapter Secretaries should ensure that the most up-to-date incorporation information is included and uploaded to their chapter profile in the Member Center. If a chapter is required to file annually with their local state or province, Secretaries should ensure that the respective report is uploaded as soon as filed with their state or province. If the chapter is not required by their local state or province to file annually, and are only required to file once, the Member Center now accepts a filing without an expiration date and can leave that area blank.  

Important Note: There may be other required filings from your state or province to continue your existence as a corporation (i.e. Filing with a Franchise Tax Board, Attorney General, etc.). The Barbershop Harmony Society requires reporting of continued existence as a corporation with your state or province issuer (most often the Secretary of State). 

Authorized leaders for making changes to chapter or district level profile information can be found by clicking here: 


How to Update your Chapter Compliance Filings

  1. Login to the BHS Member Center by visiting  
  2. Utilizing your Username and Password will activate your permissions as a Chapter leader. If you are not listed in the Member Center as one the  roles  above, you will not be able to update/change your chapter compliance filings...
    1. After logging in, Click Chapters on the left-hand side.
    2. Then, click My Chapters.
    3. Your chapter(s) should display, click on the chapter in which you want to view or edit your chapter filings.

    Here is an EXAMPLE of what you should see, with your chapter information displayed:

  3. Click on Compliance Filings and Reports towards the left side of your chapter profile. 
  4. The first option you will see is Payouts. (View the tutorial below for how to utilize and download payout information). 
  5. To view the existing filings under your chapter profile, click the various tabs towards the top of the page
  6. If there are any existing filings, they will display similar to below: 
  7. To Add/Upload a new Filing for your chapter, click the "Add/Upload New File" option towards the top right-hand corner. 
  8. You will see a generic page (example below) where you should:
  • Choose File - This is where you'll select the PDF, IMAGE, or MS WORD/EXCEL Document to Upload from Your Computer
  • Choose a File Type - There are three options of uploading an IRS 990/CRA Filing, Financial Review, or Incorporation Filing
  • Choose a Fiscal Year - All organization in BHS operate on a calendar fiscal year. All filings also have a respective fiscal year. Select the respective fiscal year for your filing. 
  • Enter a File Date - By default, the Member Center will choose today, but you should enter the date that the particular filing was completed. 
  • OPTIONAL: Enter an Expiration - Some filings like an Incorporation Filing have an expiration date. If your particular filing that you're uploading has an expiration date, enter the expiration date in this field. If it doesn't, leave it blank. 
  • OPTIONAL: Choose your State/Province- Some filings like an Incorporation Filing is specific to a state or province. If your filing is federal or is a financial review, do not select a State/Province. 

9. After entering the respective information and choosing a file, select Upload File. 

10. The new filing will appear under the respective tab. Filings cannot be deleted, please upload with great care. If you have issues uploading or need to remove a file, contact 

11. To View a file of a filing that was uploaded, select the icon that looks like below. 

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