Chapter Profile - How to Add a New Chorus

A Chapter President, Secretary, or Treasurer can add a new chorus to their chapter.  

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  1. Login to the BHS Member Center by visiting .
  2. Utilizing your Username and Password will activate your permissions as a Chapter leader. If you are not listed in the Member Center as a Chapter President, Secretary, or Treasurer, you will not be able to add a new chorus to your chapter.
  3. After logging in, click on Chapters on the left-hand sidebar, then click on My Chapters.  
  4. Once you click on your chapter link, your chapter profile will appear. 
  5. Click on the Add a Chorus button, which is located under the Choruses tab on your chapter record. Here is an example of what you will see:   
  6. Once you click on the Add a Chorus button, you will access a Google form where you can let our staff know all the details about your new chorus (including chorus category, dues structure, chorus demographics, etc.).
  7. BHS staff recommends that you view the entire form before completing to ensure that you have all the necessary information to submit your new chorus.  
  8. Once you have successfully submitted your chorus information, you will receive the following confirmation screen:  
  9. BHS staff will confirm and link your new chorus to your chapter within 48 business hours of your submission.  
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