How to Add a District to My Existing BHS Membership

How to Add a District to My Existing BHS Membership

This article will provide the steps for Current Members to add a District to their membership online. A separate article provides steps on joining the Society and a District for New Members. If you want to join a chapter as well, please do not use this process. Contact your chapter leadership so that they can add you to their roster first, or contact for further assistance.

1. Login to the Member Center at

2. Go to your Profile page.

3. Under Current Subscriptions, click Add Subscription.

The button is on the far right side, under the purple bar.

4. Tell us how you are joining.

If you are just planning to add a District to your memberships, click Member for question 1, and District for question 2. Then choose the district you wish to join and confirm the dues information in questions 3 and 4.

5. Pay your dues.

As soon as you have paid your dues, you are considered to be a member of that district, and you will appear on their roster. 

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