Chapter Profile - How to Update or Change General Chapter Information

The BHS Member Center hosts information about your chapter for members, associates, and general individuals interested in your chapter.

Authorized leaders for making changes to chapter level profile information can be found by clicking here: 

The following information can be updated or changed in a Chapter Profile:

  • Chapter Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN/EIN)
    • This should not be changed or altered unless the information is blank or is incorrect.
  • Visitor Information
    • This field is to include information for anyone who is interested in visiting your chapter to know! (i.e. include your Chapter Meeting Night and Time, special instructions about entering, etc.)
  • Chapter Primary Contact (Note: This is not based on a particular role, this information is determined by each)
    • Chapter Contact Email Address
    • Chapter Contact Phone Number (if applicable)
    • Chapter Contact Fax Number (if applicable)
  • Social Media and Marketing Links (Note: these are not required links to be posted)
    • Chapter Website
    • Chapter Facebook Page (if applicable)
    • Chapter Twitter Page (if applicable)
    • Chapter Pinterest Page (if applicable)
    • Chapter Flickr Page (if applicable)
    • Chapter SoundCloud Page (if applicable)
    • Chapter YouTube Page (if applicable)
    • Chapter Instagram Page (if applicable)

Training Video


Login to the BHS Member Center

  1. Login to the BHS Member Center by visiting  
  2. Utilizing your Username and Password will activate your permissions as a Chapter leader. If you are not listed in the Member Center as one the roles above, you will not be able to update/change your chapter profile...
    1. After logging in, Click Chapters on the left-hand side.
    2. Then, click My Chapters.
    3. Your chapter(s) should display, click on the chapter in which you want to view/edit.

    Here is an EXAMPLE of what you should see, with your chapter information displayed:

3. Click on Edit Chapter towards the left side of your chapter profile. (Note: If you are not a chapter role as designated above, you will not see “edit chapter” as an option)

4. The current displayed Contact Information and Social Media & Marketing Links will display. Information that you’re not interested in updating or is not applicable to your chapter, should display as blank.  This is live information. Here is an EXAMPLE:

5. You can add, update or change the displayed information by entering the new information in the respective field.

6. As mentioned earlier, not all fields are applicable for your chapter. You can leave the information blank as none of these fields are required.  

7. After submitting, the new information will display on the View Chapter option towards the left. This is the information that will display publicly for all members, associates, and those interested in learning more about your chapter. This also includes our chapter locator map.   

8. Changes will automatically become effective upon submission so changes should be made with great care. 

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