Contest & Judging: Convention Registration vs. Contest Entry

Contest and convention registration and entry often use similar language that can be quite confusing! Here’s a breakdown of terms that will help you figure out what you and your quartet or chorus need to have to perform or compete:

  • Convention registration: Your admission as an attendee to the convention events (also called a ticket or full registration). This is the registration you purchase through Eventbrite. Individuals who are entered to compete at, for example, the International Convention must hold a convention registration. A convention registration grants you admission to all general-admission events as an attendee, as opposed to a single-day pass or single-event pass.
  • Contest entry: Your eligibility to compete at a contest as part of a quartet or chorus. Contest entry is done through and is handled by a quartet admin (or quartet contact) or a chapter leader. It includes a roster of who will be performing with you on stage and your repertory of contestable songs. For more information about contest entries, see the Barberscore FAQs here.
  • Quartet registration: The formal creation or establishment of a quartet as a BHS quartet. Quartet registration involves listing your participating members, your  quartet’s name preferences, quartet classification (i.e., men’s, women’s, and mixed harmony), and contact information. Quartet registration is handled by one person designated the quartet admin and requires an annual per-person fee. With some exceptions, quartets generally must be registered with BHS to be eligible for contest entry. For more information about the benefits of registering your quartet with BHS, click here.
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